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[SU12B] Simconnect Exception 99 when a scenery has a "ghost" jetway

Hello, a first feedback on the new Navdata/Jetways API:

We encountered a case of a scenery which contained a "ghost" jetway, that is a jetway with an invalid Simobject, one that doesn't exists in the sim, likely a result of the scenery source XML being manually edited or generated outside the DevMode editor, which I don't think allows that.

When calling RequestJetwayData with 0, null to obtain all jetways on such scenery, it always results in Simconnect Exception #99 "Internal Error", resulting in a failed call and not getting back any jetways.

It would be nice if the call either returned all valid jetways in any case, possibly with a way to detect the issue, so it might possibly be fixed/communicated to the scenery developer, rather than having the whole call failing (and not getting any jetways), just because one or some weren't valid objects.

Also, doesn't seem to be any other way in the sim diagnostics to detect this problem: the console doesn't report any warning when loading such scenery and the DevMode editor doesn't either, the only way to realize you inserted have invalid Simobject in the scenery, is trying to edit the Jetway Simobject, which will show with an empty selection box that can still be dragged/rotated.

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Any news about this issue ? We added a workaround that, in case of such exception, we revert of making single calls to find jetways one parking at a time.

However, it's very slow and, since we don't really know how many sceneries might have the same issue, it would be nice if the call to get all jetways at once would just return correct jetways, instead of failing entirely if even one has this problem.

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦♦ virtuali commented ·

Hello @virtuali ,

This will be looked into, but I can't give you an ETA of when the api will be changed to avoid this behavior.

The root of the problem here is that some airports using jetways have been built while having invalid jetways simobjects and this should not be the case. We'll make some tests to see how it's possible.

Thank you,


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virtuali avatar image virtuali Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·

Sure, that problem shouldn't happen under normal circumstances. But it is nonetheless possible, for example in one these cases:

- A scenery might have been made by using Jetways coming from another package, one that was present in the creator installation ( so it was visible in DevMode ), but not installed in the end user system.

- The source XML file for the airport might have been manually edited and/or converted from another simulator, and either the jetway title was wrong or the jetways was missing from the package.

But since the simulator itself doesn't have any issues loading such sceneries, and no errors/warnings are logged in the debug console, it would be nice if the Simconnect call could also handle such cases gracefully.

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