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Helicopterx1 asked davux3 commented

Simvars 'MASTER CAUTION ACTIVE ' and 'MASTER WARNING ACTIVE' do not work on Helicopters

I’m developing the AW139 twin engine helicopter using part of the integrated avionics of the CJ4 because it is very similar to the Phase7 integrated avionics of this helicopter, unfortunately some Simvars are usable only for Airplane and not for Helicopters, in particular 'MASTER CAUTION ACTIVE ’ and ‘MASTER WARNING ACTIVE’. To do some tests I tried to import CJ4 avionics in many Airplane and Helicopters like CabriG2,Bell407,etc…, on all the Airplane it works correctly but on any Helicopter the variables don’t work. Do you know if these and other variables will be available for Helicopters into the new SU12? caution.jpeg

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1 Answer

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davux3 answered davux3 commented

These are working fine on my native helicopter:


SimVar.GetSimVarValue("MASTER WARNING ACTIVE", "Bool");

SimVar.SetSimVarValue("K:MASTER_WARNING_SET", "Bool", 1); // or 0


Using avionics from fixed wing is likely to run into this problem though:

There appears to be a big chunk of the sim that diverges for helicopters, and for now this excludes helicopter from other avionics packages working directly. So you may need to look deeper to find the actual API which is failing.

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Helicopterx1 avatar image Helicopterx1 commented ·
Hello and thanks for your reply! On which model of native helicopter does it work for you? Have you tried adding CJ4 avionics to any helicopters and tried the Caution's reset function? I don't mean just turning off the lighted button but resetting the CAS in the MFD
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davux3 avatar image davux3 Helicopterx1 commented ·
I tested the events and simvar on our H145. It seems the basic function works, and the fault will be deeper within the avionics stack you are trying to load. Since the sim has "a different simulation mode" for helicopters, the work done by Working Title and other teams is currently unusable for helicopters. It's too much code for me to check, but the CJ4 was completely redone by WT and now appears to use the new stuff which is unavailable as a helicopter.
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