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Skytk1979 asked Skytk1979 answered

Big object disappears to early


I have create an object that is 200 m wide, 500 m tall and 1700 m long. The object also has 6 different LODs. In developer mode I have checked it with LOD debug. All levels of detail work fine and they are in correct way like SDK describes. I use the latest version of Blender (3.4). Scale is at 1. My problem:

If I go far away (approx 30 km) the last LOD model disappears while the screen size of the object is 9.6 percent. Other small objects (around my large one) disappeare at correct screen size of 0.5 percent.

Fakt 1. If I scale down my large object with factor 0.1 (20 m wide, 50 m tall, 170 m long) it disappears in correct way at a screen size of 0.5.

Fact 2. If I enable -> freeze the actual LOD <- the large object disappears right at screen size 0.5 (nearly visible). Yes it is freezed and the size is only a feeling.

Fact 3. If I scale up my model at factor 10 (2000 m wide, 5000 m tall and 17000 m long) it disappears at a screen size of 113 percent.

So my question is clear. Why small (normal sized) objects are disappearing the right way (if everything is correct in LOD) at a screen size of 0.5? And why larger objects, if they are normally visible at let's say 200 km disappearing at 30 - 50 km?

Sorry for mistakes



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Flysimware avatar image Flysimware commented ·

Could it be possible your bounding box is not correct in Blender? This can causes games to think the object is larger or smaller than what you see. In 3ds max we several options to reset bounding box.

My other thought is that your object is so big the detection for distance is based on the outside of the bounding box and not center so this would be the offset you are seeing.

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Skytk1979 answered


Thx for your comment. No the bounding box is correct. It seems to me, that MSFS has a special distance, were all objects disappear. I have tested it with different sized cubes. Every cube disappears in 30 km.

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