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RomanDesign asked RomanDesign commented

CTDs on the Ariport update

I have created an update for the first airport I've done. It's on my website and it's submitted to MSFS Marketplace. However I had 2 people complain now about it causing immediate CTDs either when starting a flight (default location), or even just zooming up in the map before starting the flight - where the parking spaces would be selectable, they get instant CTD every time. I updated and compiled using the latest beta SU12, and at least one user also uses the latest beta.

Nothing I can do should ever cause CTD. It's a very small airport without a tower. I have initially started from the default airport, and many starts are not connected to any taxiways (as I think the default was), but that's the only thing I can think of that's different from my other airports.

Previous old version of this airport works fine, but new one causes instant CTDs at least for some people. It compiles without errors.

Please advise about how should I proceed and troubleshoot it. I'm not sure how to upload the package here as it's too large for the form (but not so large overall, under 200Mb).

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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·

Hello @RomanDesign ,

Can you ask your customers to activate the dump file generation and then can you provide them (the dump files) here please?
See 2) and 3) here.


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RomanDesign avatar image RomanDesign Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·
OK, I emailed my clients about the dump file. How would I include them here? The limit for a file attachment is 4.8Mb.
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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦♦ RomanDesign commented ·

Hello @RomanDesign ,

Like we suggest (see the link I posted above), you can upload them using a service like One Drive / Google Drive / WeTransfer and then provide us with a download link on a private comment.



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1 Answer

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FlyingsCool answered FlyingsCool edited

Did you make sure that all your files have unique paths and names?

IOW, did you make sure to change mycompany to some real name and not just use their default suggestion? Do you have a file that you just used the name they suggested like scenery\modellib.bgl? Change it to something like RomanDesignICAOmodellib.bgl.

Any files that have the same name in the VFS (virtual file system) as that used by other packages, and many developers neglect to change these things, will replace those files with the last one read, and there are situations where this can cause CTD's, and it would only be for some people (those that have conflicting addons). That would be the first thing I would check.

I was recently having issues with my scenery causing crashes. It turned out to be due to another package with blank Airport Services files named incorrectly I think, as when I fixed their files (named them properly to only serve their airports), the problem went away. I also found some modellib.bgl files on default paths as well, so it may have been those packages. But it mainly seemed to be due to my Airport Services file as whenI removed it, the crash went away. After I fixed all the inconsistencies in my Community packages, the CTD's went away.

Unfortunately, while the VFS system Asobo uses to allow us to change aspects of the sim is very powerful, it is also dangerous if people don't set up their packages properly.

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RomanDesign avatar image RomanDesign commented ·
Thanks, I'll check those. I normally do it as a routine, but because this is the first one I made, it's possible some of those problems slipped by. But that wouldn't explain why the old version works but the new one causes CTDs...
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FlyingsCool avatar image FlyingsCool RomanDesign commented ·

It depends on a lot of things. You could have added new files that now conflict with other addons (or you could say it's vice versa). The customer might have a package you don't that conflicts. Just things to check. It's just as likely a bug.

You could use Winmerge and see what's different between the old package and the new, and that might help you narrow down where the problem exists, which files the issue might be related too, anyway.

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