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RomanDesign asked FlyingRaccoon commented

Problem with build and export in Scenery Editor - how to debug and verify the build?

I'm opening an airport project that has worked perfectly fine back in December in Scenery Manager. I edited some terrain (no new or changed models) and I'm trying to build a package with a new "Build & Export" option. However I don't get a zip file in the Export project, and while some package files are created, there are no more successful build confirmation in the console. I can't even find if there were errors on my part. Even if I do "Clean All" All I see is this:

PackageBuildLog_G AddKey wrong key :PREPARE
PackageBuilder | Done, 7 asset groups registered.
PackageBuilder | Failed to find asset group for file D:\MSFS Projects\CNC3\MARKETPLACE\EXPORT.ZIP
PackageBuilder | Partial build : nothing to do

Among thousans of lines of unrelated code in the console. Many lines, especially in beginning, are also completely screwed up with the beginning words truncated, so I can't be sure I'm not missing anything. How can I know that the build is correct and complete, and why is ZIP not created in the Export folder? I can't update all 3 of my projects because of this. Advice appreciated.

I have the latest 0.14.0 SDK and latest hotfix on MSFS.

I'm attaching the log file.log.txt

log.txt (662.0 KiB)
10 |10000

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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·

Hello Roman
Several issues here.
- Have you switched the console group to "Builder" to remove all unrelated loading messages? (see image)
- The partial builder error is caused by your export being done in your project folder. The package builder system detects a new resource has been created and tries to identify its asset group type. This shouldn't be a problem preventing you from building and exporting the package.
- Can you clean your console and just build your package with the builder group selected and tell us what your log is now containing?



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1627915668278.png (468.7 KiB)
RomanDesign avatar image RomanDesign FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ commented ·

I did exactly as you told me, plus I selected a different export folder that is outside of the main project folder. I selected BUILDER group and cleared the console. Still in the console, in the builder group I get many unrelated message, and most of them are truncated so it's hard to make sense out of 887 lines of mostly truncated text. This form is not big enough to includ, so I will attach a text file with the log.

This is the first "build and export", after "clean all" with Builder group selected:


This is the second time I try the export - this time the log doesn't make sense at all: lines are truncated and nothing seems to be related to the build itself - can it be that it got truncated with the rest?

log-2nd-build.txt gets generated in the Marketplace folder under the location I selected for export. But I have no idea if it's a proper build, and if the build was successfull. What are the messages about Asobo B787 and liveries doing in the Build group? I'm not using anything like that in the project, just a few generic Asobo GA planes.

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log.txt (74.4 KiB)
log-2nd-build.txt (4.1 KiB)
FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ RomanDesign commented ·
You shouldn't have those community packages message in the console when the build group is selected.

It's also surprising that the console is not giving any information about any build step or your CNC3 package (the one you're building and exporting, right?)

I guess that's a consequence of the message queue corruption.
I'm still trying to repro this, I had it a few times but it's tricky to fix without a reliable reproduction procedure.

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