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devmode_player asked yorgosGK edited

SU5: Incorrect IK animation behavior for ASOBO jetways

Symptoms: Incorrect IK animation behavior for ASOBO jetways model through LOD's popping up

Steps to reproduce:

1. Start at gate with jetway available

2. Connect the jetway

3. Force LOD loading by distance or manually under debug LOD tab

jetway-lod0.jpgLOD0 at initial state


jetway-lod0-2.jpgLOD0 back after LOD1, jetway is still connected

note: tested with XBOX LOD selection mode on and off, also the same behavior for 3rd party's jetway models, except the LOD1 model gap which I believe is modelling issue in ASOBO jetway


jetway-lod0.jpg (357.0 KiB)
jetway-lod1.jpg (318.3 KiB)
jetway-lod0-2.jpg (361.5 KiB)
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1 Answer

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FlyingRaccoon answered yorgosGK edited


Let me address all the jetways issue here.
We are aware the SDK jetway sample is obsolete in regard to SU5.
As soon as the artist team has created a clean sample matching SU5 requirements, it will be published in the SDK.


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Hi Sylvain,

Just to be clear, this is not only SDK related issue, but ASOBO jetways model which is default in game. It's stock EGLL airport scenery in example above, sorry for misunderstanding and thank you for your time


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This is why it takes time. We need to fix all jetway related issues on our side before we put it in the SDK.
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Thanks for touching on this FlyingRaccoon. Any ETA on when this will happen? Developers (including myself) that have worked countless hours with SU4 cannot release until this is updated and jetways start to comply with SU5. Is it something that can maybe be shared in text as a quick patch to at least get us rolling?
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No ETA unfortunately but be sure that if I am aware of any workaround to help you fix these issues in the meantime, I'll let you know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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yorgosGK avatar image yorgosGK FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

Thank you for your reply on means a lot.

This is of course directly related to the none appearing custom rigged jetways correct? When you load up at the gate and only some jetways are there, then take your dev cam to practically space and come back down, jetways are fine. The ATC ground menu for jetway connection isn't there until they appear.

This is all part of the same known issue with jetways?

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