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Sasa asked FlyingsCool commented

Gate Radius: Is it possible to get rid of "asobo-aircraft-generic-airliner-twinengines"?


I have some rather small gates at my airport that are intended for A320 and B737 aircraft but nothing bigger, nothing smaller.

The default aircraft "asobo-aircraft-generic-airliner-twinengines" apparently is too big for these gates but always pops up when I set the radius to allow a A320/B737:

Radius: 17.88m = only smaller GA aircraft show up.
Radius: 17.90m = both A320 and too big "asobo-aircraft-generic-airliner-twinengines" show up.

Is there a way to differentiate between those two so "asobo-aircraft-generic-airliner-twinengines" isn't spawned anymore for certain gates while having only the default A320 showing up?

"asobo-aircraft-generic-airliner-twinengines" apparently has a much larger wingspan than the A320 but seems to show up with the same radius settings.

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FlyingsCool avatar image FlyingsCool commented ·

What are you trying to get to show up and for what situations? Can you map it out in more detail?

I've been working on KBED. Yes, lot of BBJ's frequent this airport, but typically mostly Global Explorer / Longitude / CJ-4 style jets. Unless the plane is exactly a CJ-4 (I haven't seen any Longitudes), Always the "GEN" twin engine jet is used for all twin engine jets. So there's lots of the model you refer to frequenting the airport.

I'm not sure how to possibly address this using the ICAO codes for model matching, given, unless there's an exact match to either airline or plane, all you can vary on is number of engines and jet, and maybe turbulence factor (if there's any variation on that, not likely). Hence, what are we supposed to do to get the "right size" generic jet matched? It's especially hard since any given generic model of plane can only be one model of plane in the sim, and there's literally hundreds of models of twin engine jets of a huge variety of sizes.

Granted, I'd be happy to have one of the 4 sizes vs the one, CJ-4 for small jets, Longitude for Medium, A320 for regional, and Larger for trans-continental. But I don't know how to get there when all you know is it's a twin engine jet. And then the parking radius rules for matching parked/AI aircraft placement are wicked archaic and we don't even know all the variables that are controlling it.

So... this is a really important question to me, too, how the sim handles model matching, and I'm not sure how it could be solved.

Which brings me back to... I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking for.... what solution are you looking for? Could you explain what you want in more detail?

It's hard to develop a solution unless you have good requirements to go by... and I'm struggling how to define something that's solvable based on what I know, which isn't much.

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JorgeBach answered FlyingsCool commented

I resize manually the parkings on my sceneries. Can you do the same?


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FlyingsCool avatar image FlyingsCool commented ·
That's exactly what he's doing.

At 17.8 m radius, no A320's (which is what he wants to show up).

At 17.9 m, A320's and 737's show up, as well as larger planes, which he doesn't want.

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