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How to implement animation with LODs (avoid frame jumping)


I don't know if this relates to the same bug mentioned here(Animations in sceneries don't work in Performance Plus Beta - MSFS DevSupport (, but my pre-animated objects reset to frame zero as they switch between LODs. Is the sim engine able to continue from the previous LOD's frame or is this a limitation currently? If it is supposed to be working please can I see how the object XML should be implemented?

What I currently have is as follows (the animation is included in each of the LOD models themselves):

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <ModelInfo guid="{4f4ab111-d69f-4ea8-387e-bfc85e12ab7c}" version="1.1">
        <Animation name="move" guid="{4f4ab111-d69f-4ea8-387e-bfc85e12ab7c}" length="4700" type="Standard" typeparam2="move" typeparam="AutoPlay"/>
            <LOD MinSize="100" ModelFile="model.gltf"/>
            <LOD MinSize="5" ModelFile="model_LOD01.gltf"/>
            <LOD ModelFile="model_LOD02.gltf"/>
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