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FlyingsCool asked

Can we post pictures if we're not verified? What size is acceptable?

I don't see any information anywhere on what size pictures can be included in a post. I tried to attach an image, the first time it rejected it with no explanation. The second time it attached and allowed me to resize it in the question window, I then went to advanced, looked at the options, hit save, it said the image was too large, but left it in the message. But when I posted the message, it rejected the message with no explanation and had a message to review the guidelines, but didn't say why it rejected it. I assume because the picture was too large in size (jpg, 3138 x 1895).

So, assuming it was rejected due to image size, what's an acceptable image size, and where in the documentation for the site did I miss this? I read the guidelines and FAQ specifically looking for this info.

Other site information I'm looking for (tallying now from other posts that haven't been answered yet)

How to contact site administrator?

How to get verification email? Does a verification email matter?



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