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_rk_ asked SonantAlpaca answered

Is there any reason to download only a basic install, MSFS Standard Edition, after a major update?

The "patch" was some 500 mb. and we must obtain it through Microsoft Store. After installing the patch, MSFS prompts for a 2.6 gb download, before it will even run, with the ominous message that MSFS Standard Edition will install.

Standard Edition, shmamered edition, why stop there? Is this some sort of a game? Would it be condescendingly convenient to apply any given update one time and have the installed version of MSFS up to date upon completion? How hard is it to check for all MSFS official content and at least offer the option to download all 8 gb at once, instead of having to wait for MSFS Standard, in order to be able to open the Content Manager, in order to select the other 5 gigabytes of downloaded content that must be updated and again start the waiting cycle?

In the MS world, clearly, everybody has a sidewalk and lives within Bluetooth distance of a high speed hub. "Oh darling, we'd have never guessed! Gigabyte downloads are a problem for you rural folks? Don't you get Starlink or something?"

An hour east of Portland Oregon, we get a pretty good connection, no major delays in the shoot em up games. Despite these modern conveniences, it will take several hours to download all updates for the previously installed content. With my pc screaming the entire time, because apparently, the blurred hangar tableau in the background, comprises enough of a render, that the cooling fans sound like a V-22 Osprey in takeoff mode, to keep my gaming experience "enjoyable."

It is hot enough and this place is small enough, that I will have to turn on the a/c to keep my downloading experience enjoyable.

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SonantAlpaca answered


While we agree with you on the fact that the download management could be improved, DevSupport isn't the appropriate platform to discuss that.
May I suggest that you post your message on the forums instead? Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

This way, other users will be able to vote Up and grant more visibility to this request.

Thanks a lot for your understanding!

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