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MikeFear303 asked MikeFear303 commented

CTD with resync SDK 14.1 after WU6

After the latest WU6 update the SDK aircraft editor resync function causes a CTD.

Several developers and modders I talked to all have this problem.(including me)

This can be reproduced by making an empty dummy project and then resync it in the aircraft editor.

It also seems to hang up the simulator when doing a resync with an aircraft project loaded for some developers.


The resync button now is useless since the last few SDK/Sim updates with using a dummy project to resync configuration files edited outside of the SDK not working and updating textures in the sim functionality gone. (this is how plane modders and texture painters use that button)

Hope this can be fixed as it is a painfull process to restart the sim for every config/texture change.



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Are you able to produce these crashes while editing one of the aircraft provided with the SDK?
If so, can you tell us which fields you are editing before pressing the Resync button (unless you're not editing any of course)


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MikeFear303 avatar image MikeFear303 FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

Hi Sylvain,

It just crashes the SDK with the in my OP decribed method even without changing anything in the config files.

I normally don't load projects and just create a dummy project by starting a new project giving it a name and cancel the following dialogs to make the aircraft editor with resync button available in the SDK (as I'm modifying config files with visual studio code and then resync the plane, like most modders do that don't have the source files for the plane available.)

I tested with the DA62, loaded the DA62_SDK_Project build it and then load the plane and then press resync this also causes an immediate CTD for me without changing anything in the editor. (nothing else in the community folder)



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carbonprop answered

Same issue here. Resync, scenery builds and visual effects are all unstable and cause either immediate CTD or freezing sim.

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EPellissier answered MikeFear303 commented

Hi there!

We have fixed a CTD linked to the Resync function which would occur when using it while no aircraft had been selected for edition (on your side the workaround is easy: make sure an aircraft is selected before using Resync). That being said, I have a feeling this is not what is preventing you from using the tool.

Sylvain and I have followed the steps described above regarding the DA62 but could not reproduce the issue. Maybe a video or a step-by-step procedure would help us doing so?

One thing I don't understand: reading the comments from the official forums, it looks like some people are trying to use the Aircraft Editor while they do not have the sources for the edited aircraft - could you elaborate on the use case? The tool was certainly not designed to be used this way so let's see what can be done about it.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

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The first use case is for most aircraft modders (and in my case also as a tester for 3rd party developers aircraft to apply quick changes/swap/compare config files without using a source project. you just load the plane, make a dummy project as decribed before,edit/change the config files (in the community folder) for the loaded plane in an external text/code editor and resync.

The second use case was for livery editors to update their changes to textures in for example Photoshop or Blender. Then save them to their corresponding livery folder (in the community folder) and load the corresponding aircraft+livery in the sim and make a dummy project and resync to see their changes immediately in the simulator (this has been problematic for a while now because the textures don't update anymore in the simulator when using resync)

If you are not aware of these usage scenario's of resync I can tell you a lot of people used the resync functionality for these puposes since the sim was released.

This CTD problem now forces a lot of modders and testers (and before the texture resync broke) livery painters to have to restart the sim for every change they want to see in the simulator and causes a huge time sink when performing these tasks.



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Of course if we could have an unload/load/reload package (like it seems to work with ingame store packages) this would also be easier.
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I really don't mind if my described use cases are solved in a different or better way as long as it restores the quick workflow that was available before this CTD problem.
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