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rotornut44 asked FlyingRaccoon answered

Terraforming Priority Conflicts


I've been struggling to fix some compatibility conflicts between my and another developers scenery. I have some terraforming polys set to smooth out some local lakes, however a developer of another nearby airstrip has done the same. The difference in altitude between my poly and the other developer's is quite a difference (The other developer's poly was placed before the DEM changes in WU2).

Increasing the polygon priority, in theory, should work. However, no matter what I am unable to get my poly to take priority. The lake displays with a sharp drop-off at the edge. I have also incrementally increased the falloff distance by 100, all the way up to 2000, and although the surrounding terrain is smoothed out, the edge of the lake still refuses to blend...


I am also experiencing a similar problem with some terraforming rectangles I have set. As you can see in the attached picture below, the terrain normally meets the edge of the bridge, however the other developer has placed a terraforming poly on the river, which conflicts with my rectangle, causing it to be smoothed. My rectangle is at a higher priority than the conflicting poly.

[Posting a link to this image below, as I keep getting an error: "No link in upload response."]

In the case of the lakes, for now, I have decided to remove my terraforming changes, as they do more harm than good. However, there isn't much I can do for the bridge. Hopefully priorities can have more of an effect over the terrain in the future, so as to better avoid conflicts like this.

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1 Answer

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FlyingRaccoon answered

It seems to me what you're experiencing is very similar to this.
A small test scenery shows the falloff isn't correctly handled when multiple terraforming primitives are overlapping
We already have filed a bug about this and a dev will have a look at it.


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