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Losco_Nosciuto asked

Evo-gression of the SDK / DevMode

Hello everyone. First of all, I'm a geeky guy who LOVES when things evolve, I do represent this mentality in a lotta things, from Music (I'm an 80s who doesn't listen to 80s music) to computers.

Now, I'm totally keen to evolution, until it EVOLVES.
Lately, post SimUpdate V I've seen, SDK/DevMode wise, a radical regression in terms of functionality, EVEN THO I can clearly see the intention in evolving it's tools and utilities over time, to give us developers a better tool under any aspect.
BEWARE, I'm not talking about the "game" (Don't force me to call it game any more please), and for how much I saw an evident quality reduction, I still see this as a technical masterpiece and compare unit for future Sims. I'm talking about the creative process.

NOW, I'm a scenery designer and I do develop sceneries only.
But I'm really seeing some bad things going on here, and where we got NO CLEAR ANSWERS.

1st - Live Resync of 3D Scenery Objects, just doesn't work anymore. This makes working a TEDIOUS and 3 times more time taking than before, in the best of cases. I have to export and restart the sim more than 3 or 4 times per session to debug model changes. This CANNOT be left like this and we need some sort of answer from the Devteam or Support team on how to work around this or RESOLVE THIS.
Also, it seems this doesn't work in many other aspects of the creation of content for MSFS.

2nd - SimObjects (Jetways) have random behaviors, i've seen the "FIXED" stamp on a couple of DevUpdates so fare, but we still get the issue. Jetways going byebye, with random things going on each time without a pattern (apparently).

3rd - Materials going crazy and it wasn't like that before.
I'm SORRY (for real) that the packages we've sent have been working on the tester's side but we need someone to stress test this on different machines with different package sizes to try reproducing the issue, and understanding why it happens, when, and how to finally put the word END on it.
I mean, we've all sent videos (personally, 3) where the issue is clear and is clear that also it is not a conjuration of my great imagination.

4th - Scenery Cache NOT clearing upon project closure.
It was working just...PERFECTLY before, yeah it wasn't unloading all stuff unless you went to the main menu, but, if you closed and reopened your project loading the BGL back, before SU5 we DID NOT have double overlapping models. I've spent hours looking for what was causing Z-Fighting in my scenery objects before finding out...there were two overlapping models. One loaded and A GHOST, untouchable but tangible object looking at me with a creepy face. MSFS can be scary, bug-wise.

This is just MY top 4 and there are A LOT of more issues yet to be adressed which came up after SU5. I can't help but placing roots here because we're all stuck due to non-developer-related circumstances. Our job should NOT be finding workarounds for bug, it's an intensive work and massive for smaller companies already, and freeware developers (who literally keeps the whole story standing up) just get descouraged in a blink after dealing with bugs.

This prevents them to learn, to work, to enjoy and...did I already say to learn?

This is it, willing or not WE NEED ANSWERS and ways to make things work. If there isn't an answer as of "now" (wether now is now or a future now), where we can find solutions for the most common problems, which are retaining the community from doing their job. Payware developers tired of the "Trial and mistake show", freeware developers counting on a documentation which (luckily has grown a lot) doesn't account for bugs, and they literally have to Google from 3 to 6 different sources to find some answers filled up with "Maybes, Might Bes, and It Could Bes".

BEWARE, this is not me talking. It's my headache which has become alive since after Sim Update 5, and he's tricking me to do this but hey...prove him wrong! ;)

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