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DrzewieckiDesign asked DrzewieckiDesign commented

PC vs Xbox export


While exporting a project, there are options to export for PC, Xbox, or both. When selecting both, only one "Export" package is created, but when exported separately, the PC and Xbox packages are not completely identical (there is a few-byte difference in size).

Hence the question - is it enough for the Marketplace team to have that one "combined" PC/Xbox export package or should we export two separate packages?

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I always exported both together. They never complained about it.
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SonantAlpaca answered DrzewieckiDesign commented


I just checked with the Marketplace team and they confirm it's ok to send the combined PC/Xbox version for ingestion!

Have a good day,

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Wonderful, thank you for this information!

It wasn't obvious from the exporter itself (or I was just stupid). :)

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Or maybe it would be clearer if we put some tooltips here and there to explain the different DevMode options... I'll ask our Tools programmer to take a look at this!
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Well, in the current state the PC and Xbox export are not actually practical if the Xbox export needs to use different files. Sometimes Xbox has to use different files f/e due to Xbox file size limitation (1GB). You will still need to manually change that file in the final export because you cannot really have two separate projects for both versions.

I find the Xbox/PC separate export options unnecessary unless it is possible to replace specific files for the Xbox export. Perhaps it was thought that some developers will produce PC-only or Xbox-only content but still, it does seem to make sense if both exports are the same.

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