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jb-pp asked virtuali commented

LOD Change Query - 23rd Sep 2021 dev update


I have just read through the new dev update (23rd Sep 2021), and am hoping someone can clarify exactly what is meant by the following?

"In a few months, we will communicate the change of behavior related to LODs."


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SonantAlpaca answered virtuali commented


To sum up what's coming (but we'll share more details next week):

In order to make the sim work properly on Xbox, we need to optimize the performances, and thus, track down the performance-eating items displayed on screen. Among those are the LODs with an excessive amount of vertex. On SU6 we will offer 2 ways to identify them specifically in your projects, either by enabling the "Display LOD limits" or with the Statistic Profiler tool. For now it's just about identifying them in your projects, to help you correct that (create LODs with less vertex).

In a further update, in 2022, we will reach step 2, and those objects won't be displayed in the sim anymore. But that leaves you several months to edit your packages - if needed! maybe your LODs are already managed within the acceptable limits- and anticipate this change.

Hope it answers your question.

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Could you please clarify if this system, which is supposed to arrive in a 2022 update, is already in place on Xbox right now (SU6 ) ?

I would also like to know is this will affect LOD0 too, or just additional LODs.

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Hi Alyze,

Thanks for the heads up. I have 2 questions:

A) Will this affect LOD 0?

B) Will this affect PC version as well? Most PC users are more conscious of level of details. So it would be ideal to be able to have higher budgets for PC assets. 150,000 tris for an small airplane at LOD 0 is already quiet low considering the level of details expected from our customers.


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I am also concerned by this decision for my addons, as i know that some tiles can use more than 150k vertices on PC when they use the max LOD. However, it does not seem to affect perfs on middle range, or high range configurations (i own a geForce 1080ti, with i7 4790k CPU). I know the number of drawcalls and vertices is important (i rely on the Reshade stats tab to check them, as i worked on this part of Reshade, so i am pretty confident with those stats), but the card seems to correctly feed them, without any big performance impact. And i already rely on the LOD system to reduce this impact (using 3 or 4 LOD per tile, depending on the max level of detail for those tiles). Reducing the number of vertices will reduce scenery quality, or force me to use more objects and less LODs (because the number of LODS and objects are linked to the min lod selected for photogrammetry data). Or it will force me to split my tiles into more little objects, which will increase their number by 4 (yes, i know it is very specific to photogrammetry addons, and you prefer focusing on airport addons or aircraft addons).

I can decimate them, considering the vertices limit imposed, but i will face hole issues and less IQ.

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