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CaptMatto asked WombiiActual commented

Missing Hobbs Meter in G36 - how to add?

Hi All

The Hobbs meter in the G36 is missing and I'd like try and add it into our G36 Improvement Mod.

Wondered if there is anyone who could give me some pointers?

So I believe I need to...

  1. Find the name of the 3d model part in the Bonanza_g36_interior_LOD00.gltf file?
  2. Add a component into our model.xml file using the hobbs template from fs-base-aircraft-common\ModelBehaviorDefs\Asobo\Common\Instrument.xml (lines 421-497)

Looking at the gltf file I can't find any hour or hobbs meter referenced? Does this mean the model isn't set up correctly / finished??

Any pointers would be great, trying to reverse engineer at the moment and doing a fair bit of head scratching.

For my own sanity when I come back later to this I am referencing...

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WombiiActual answered WombiiActual commented

Source: My experience the last few weeks setting up a fire truck interior.

I think you're correct.

The xml file tells the sim what to do with the 3D parts in the gltf, so you would indeed need to find the name of the parts in the gltf file (the easiest way is to import the gltf into blender).

However, I can't see any hour or hobbs meter in the default cockpit, so it does seem like you're stuck unless you want to modify the 3D model and model the hobbs meter yourself. I also can't see any hobbs meter in the real life cockpit pictures with a glass cockpit that I can find, so I'm guessing it would actually be integrated in the g1000?

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CaptMatto avatar image CaptMatto commented ·

Hey, thanks for replying :-)

Glad I'm kinda on the right route. The Hobbs meter on the G36 is just below the fuse panel on the left hand side, down by the fuel tank selector. It's modeled but I can't see any reference to it in the gltf at all.


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1633114971042.png (1.8 MiB)
WombiiActual avatar image WombiiActual CaptMatto commented ·

Unfortunately it looks like it's just modeled into the cabin model, not a separate part. I can't see anything for the digits or animation references. 1633120376772.png

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1633120376772.png (626.7 KiB)
LionelC18 avatar image LionelC18 WombiiActual commented ·
@WombiiActual how did you manage to open the G36 Asobo 3d file?
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CaptMatto answered

Thanks so much for looking!

What a shame though; I've logged a bug report with Asobo & Zendesk so hopefully they add it at some point.

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