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BGL Boats on Xbox

  1. @FlyingRaccoon @OptimalCoyote89

On the 30th September we released two products to Xbox and PC via the MS store. One of them is reliant on the AI 'wanderboats' technology and the second is dependent on the first product (purely to reference models held within it). Microsoft/Asobo confirmed that these were tested successfully on Xbox prior to release. However, they were completely broken for Xbox users, calling into question the testing pipeline and causing otherwise avoidable frustration, extra work, reputational and financial damage for us and Asobo. We suspect that the wanderboat technology has been turned off accidentally or actively for Xbox. We don't know if this is what has also broken the second product on Xbox. Both work fine on PC.

The Microsoft Marketplace Programme lead and our point of contact for the partner team referred this to Asobo the next working day. We and Microsoft have had no response from Asobo to date whatsoever after more than three weeks. I know you are both unlikely to be working on this personally, but please, please, please can you provide an update from Asobo to help us diagnose and fix the issue for our customers? This is an example of where development access to the MSFS Xbox release would have saved a lot of time and customer frustration. Xbox statistics profilers and debug tools only help when the build behaves in the same way.

Based on our experience I would discourage any developer from releasing on Xbox until their MSFS partner point of contact has been able to give them access to it for testing on Xbox.



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A dev of the engine team is currently reviewing how your package behaves on Xbox and we'll let you know as soon as we find out what's causing the issue.


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Hi Sylvian, @FlyingRacoon

Please can have an update from you or @Darwikey on this?

Also I can't seem to tag or @ mention anyone properly, please can you check my profile?



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FlyingRaccoon avatar image FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ SFSimsDev commented ·
@Darwikey is still investigating the issue. The root cause is not easy to track down but Darwikey is making progress and I'm optimistic we'll be able to provide an explanation in the coming weeks.
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Darwikey answered SFSimsDev edited

Hi SFSimsDev,

The traffic density for ships and ferries is set to 30 on xbox. I have looked at your package and it looks like your set your minimum traffic density to 60~80. So none of your boats are spawning, but it's the same thing on PC when the user set its setting to 30.

I agree the system is not great, it probably come from FSX, we may want a spawning more proportional.



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