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SWS-AlexVletsas asked OzWookiee commented

Request: Use legacy flight model features

Is it possible to allow us to activate legacy flight model tables using cfg entries, similar to what you did with the engines (prop_uselegacytables). This way we can use the old FM tables as needed to exert fine control over the aircraft.

Of course, people who choose not to use these toggles will be able to work as usual.

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I agree totally with this - I have commented in another thread here in a similar vein. The modern flight model allows us to define a cylindrical fuselage and very basic wings, the geometry base is not accurate enough to deal with the more unusual shapes which define fairly common aircraft.

The main criticism of the FSX flight model was that it ran on rails. The root cause of that was that all of the coefficients were acting upon one point. The modern flight model gets around that issue, but it is not accurately defined enough to give the best possible results.

I would like to see the core FM seen as a 'skeleton', it gives the most basic shape but allows forces to be defined across it. Putting the entire, fully accessible and working FSX FM on top of this, with the default setting for all tables and coefficients being =1 (i.e. the core FM is unchanged, so previous in-house and 3rd party add ons should not need adjustment) leaves people free to continue developing using just the core FM. However, it also allows experienced users to really flesh out the aircraft around that core skeleton and potentially create something which I think would match and possibly exceed the original aims of the sim's creators.

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Honestly I think this is unlikely to happen. What we will (and in some cases already) see is the new flight model fleshed out even further with more and more options that are designed specifically for the new model instead of shoe-horning the old FM onto it.

We have, with SU6 seen quite a few new additions added to engines that will allow us to add more precise controls over them with multi stage superchargers, pressure regulators etc etc.

We feel the pain now because, right or wrong, this new model is still in its infancy and can't do everything that we're used to doing in the older version. I honeslty believe that will come in time and that time will never arrive fast enough ;')

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