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Disable HUD collimation [SU7]

One of our aircraft has some sort of helmet-mounted display which is a dynamic texture that follows the camera - both location and view direction. Like a paper sheet that is always in front of your head.

But after collimation was introduced this trick does not work - symbology ignores texture location and always rendered as configured in panel.cfg (which is correct - that's how collimation works).

I want to ask about possible workarounds:

1. maybe collimation can be disabled somehow for a specific panel?

2. if I set hud=0 (or remove it) the texture is no longer transparent. Is it possible to enable alpha/blending for normal panels?

3. in the same "hud" parameter values exists for heading, pitch etc. is there a way to change them dynamically?

Just lately another developer asked for help with an old style navigation device, where HUD texture was used for dynamically changing labels rendering. So I am not the only one who needs any kind of solution.

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1 Answer

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Solved in - hud=1 acting like plain texture now, hud=2 collimated

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