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MartynJF asked N6722C commented

KEY_NAV1_VOLUME_SET / KEY_NAV2_VOLUME_SET - Only 0 or 100 values

I'm attempting to use the KEY_NAV1_VOLUME_SET / KEY_NAV2_VOLUME_SET events to control the NAV radio volumes via a WASM gauge but it's only possible to set them to 0 or 100, no values in between. The COM volume events work fine. Can anyone else confirm that bug?

The KEY_NAV1_VOLUME_SET_EX1 / KEY_NAV2_VOLUME_SET_EX1 events work correctly.

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Even at max volume (100), the audio level is very low, - far below the COM radio volume.

Is the Morse Code an audio recording, or is it generated programmatically ?

What can be done by Asobo or the developer to increase this Nav Audio level ?

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