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thealx asked FlyingRaccoon commented

SimConnect does not return scenery simobjects whith radius parameter less than 20km

Tested with WASM and .NET

Way to reproduce:

any airfield, park near to windsock

Example code:

SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType(_hSimConnect, REQUEST_ID, DEFINITION_ID, 20000, SIMCONNECT_SIMOBJECT_TYPE_ALL);

does not return windsock or any scenery objects

SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObjectType(_hSimConnect, REQUEST_ID, DEFINITION_ID, 20001, SIMCONNECT_SIMOBJECT_TYPE_ALL);

return windsock and many objects around


Objects inserted by SimConnect_AICreateSimulatedObject returned with low radius value properly


Interesting coincidence - in P3D SimConnect_RequestMobileSceneryInRadius (not available in MSFS) is for:

used to retrieve mobile scenery objects that are within a specified radius of the user's vehicle. Any request over 20,000 meters will return all mobile scenery objects.

seems like similar rule works here - distance filter is broken and only way to retreive these objects is query all of them by setting 20001m

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