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darkclown asked thealx edited

Online/Multiplayer traffic not being returned in traffic requests

When using RequestDataOnSimObjectType ... SIMCONNECT_SIMOBJECT_TYPE.AIRCRAFT Only AI traffic is returned. It would be nice to get data on the multiplayer traffic that is seen in the game. I see a lot of player traffic and it just isn't in callback for requesting traffic. Is there a different call that can be made to get player traffic?



Thanks, Jeff

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I noticed exactly the same when using"GET_AIR_TRAFFIC") in my JavaScript code. It works well but only returns AI traffic and not any multiplayer traffic.

I would also like to get the multiplayer traffic using this function.

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thealx answered thealx edited

It was like that since the beginning - looks like someone forget to include online players list into SimConnect query sources. Several polls about that exists on MSFS forum already (like "display players in LNM"), but still no changes.

I have noticed other players appear properly in effects editor (as SimObjects with unique ID) so it's not like another type of data, they are very same as AI aircraft. Just in case it will help someone, SimObject name:

*ID* - *random_number* - NPC|NetPlane_-*random_number*_*USERNAME*

In tools that scans nearby aircraft (KineticAssistant towplanes, DG808/Discus FLARM, F/A-18 AA radar) I am using type ALL so script return not only aircraft, but also pilots (pilots inside of player aircraft are returned). But pilots appear on the radar only at short distance (less than 5nm, depends on LODs config) and they does not contain base aircraft data (velocity, lights, controls etc.) only coordinates and altitude. Ugly hack but at least some way to move forward.

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