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Icing behavior on DEV Mode

Dear Asobo,

I found an strange issue with aircraft icing when using Devmode, more specifically the "icing override" vs real icing conditions in the simulator.

The windshield anti ice system melts the ice perfectly fine when normal icing simulation is encountered, in other words when you find real icing conditions via live weather and you turn your anti-ice systems you can see the windshield anti-ice in action by making the windshield clear of ice very evident.

However, if you open dev mode, and you override the "icing" condition, the windshield anti-ice seems to be ineffective, and as soon as you override any icing condition the windshield anti-ice systems stops melting the ice despite of having the variable ON.. making you believe, the anti ice system is not working at all.

I came across this behavior very recently, for obvious reasons we as developers would use the dev mode menu to simulate the icing and inspect our icing patterns across the airframe, glass, etc. and also to test our anti-icing issues. So it would be ideal if we could have this functionality working properly in the future.



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FlyingRaccoon answered Simbol commented

Hello @Simbol

The DevMode icing option is there to debug the visual effects but can't be used to debug de-icing systems as the icing conditions are not forced and the icing level will decrease when not in icing conditions.

The easiest way to do this is to switch to snow weather preset and use the slew mode to put the aircraft in a cloud.


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Hi Sylvain,

Ok that explains it.. I was going mad thinking the anti-ice was not configured properly. Would it be posible to put these information inside the SDK documentation and the well know issues you prepared in this space?

This way others will not get caught thinking the anti-ice is not active.

Thanks as usual for your prompt response.


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