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GrimPhoenix9349 asked FlyingRaccoon commented

Why does Free Castering not work correctly?

I queried this directly back in October with the Reno package, as I noted the problem on the P51. I went into detail about what I saw and how it was wrong. I was assured that it was fixed and working correctly. It was not and is not.

Free castering is exactly that - there is no direct control over the wheel's angle, you have to manipulate it via other influences. Unfortunately, the way it has been set up in the sim is that application of a small amount of power and then a dab of either left or right brake turns the wheel in the direction of the applied brake. We have had reports of incorrect handling with the JF Hawk under test with free castering ( the actual comment, from a Hawk instructor, was "it's exceptionally unrealistic I'm afraid"), so I sat it on its tail, applied power and dabbed the brakes. What should happen is the wheel should remain exactly where it is. What actually happens is that it steers with the application of brake. See the following video:

Is there any chance we can get this properly fixed and working correctly? I am looking at it with regard to the JF Hawk update, but I know there are other aircraft close to first release that need a correctly-implimented free castering wheel and the devs are scratching their heads!

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FlyingRaccoon answered

Hello @GrimPhoenix9349

I just ran some tests using the Hawk but I don't repro the behaviour you describe. Using the brakes didn't have any influence on the nosewheel position.
However, as soon as I used rudder input, the wheel was rotating, which is not supposed to happen if the wheel is configured for free castering.


Could you show us how your CONTACT_POINT section is configured please?


14.gif (18.8 MiB)
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GrimPhoenix9349 answered FlyingRaccoon commented

Hi Sylvain,

You won't see the behaviour because the release version had nosewheel steering implimented - at the time of release, free castering was not an option and only became 'functional' at the same time as the Reno package. I am working on JF's first flight dynamics patch for the Hawk and trying to impliment a free-castering nosewheel (which should act like a shopping trolley wheel) in the same way that it was done for FSX but with the extra lines in the steering / castering section:

point.0 = 1, -5.383, 0, -4.3, 1900, 0, 0.71, 180, 0.104, 6, 0.55, 1.3, 2.8, 0, 200, 240, 1

(where a 'steering angle' of 180 defines it as free castering)

max_speed_full_steering = 0 ; 15
max_speed_decreasing_steering = 0 ; 40 Defines the speed above which the angle of steering stops decreasing (in feet/second).
min_available_steering_angle_pct = 0 ; Defines the percentage of steering which will always be available even above max_speed_decreasing_steering (in percent over 100).
max_speed_full_steering_castering = 20 ; Defines the speed under which the full angle of steering is available for free castering wheels (in feet/second).
max_speed_decreasing_steering_castering = 50 ; Defines the speed above which the angle of steering stops decreasing for free castering wheels (in feet/second).

There should be no ability to directly steer a free castering wheel in any way at all. The use of left / right brake OR a single brake and offsetting the rudder are the two possible steering options with free-castering.

Happy to send you the full file for you to try if it would help?

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Hello @GrimPhoenix9349

Sorry for my lack of availability.
Unless you have solved the problem, yes the source package would be helpful so I can repro and investigate.


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MartynJF avatar image MartynJF FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

I couldn't find a way to message you here.

Thanks for the help,
Martyn - Just Flight

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