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RomanDesign asked vpilotfs answered

Some models pop out in poor visibility conditions. What could be the reason?

Two people have reported a bug in my airport: 2 hangars are popping out in poor visibility, as if they are not affected by fog/rain. See screenshot. They are done in exactly the same way as other buildings, and on top of that, I cannot reproduce this bug. Maybe it depends on the exact weather, or driver or something. Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason and how to fix that?


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FlyingRaccoon answered yorgosGK commented

Hello Roman,

By any chance, are you using occluders on these particular buildings ?
If so, you can't have occluder superposition at the moment.
In that case, you have both the occluder for the aircraft cockpit and the occluder for these buildings and the conflict between the two is causing artifacts.
To confirm this, you can ask the 2 people having the issue if it's still visible in external view.

We are already working on a solution for this issue.


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Hi, I just saw the comment, because notification emails here still don't work... Yes, I'm using occluders on those, so when the plane is inside and it's raining, it won't rain inside the hangar :-) I had no idea that would be a problem... What do you suggest I do? Leave as is and wait for your fix which will resolve it automatically, or demove the occluders and let it rain inside the hangars?
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I'd say the issue with buildings not being affected by visibility conditions is more problematic but in the end, it's up to you.

Keep an eye on the release notes to know when we provide a fix for this.

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yorgosGK avatar image yorgosGK FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·

Thought this had been fixed however today in fog, one of our terminal buildings was blatantly "cut out" from the environment only when in the cockpit view. It of course has an occluder within it.

Has this not been resolved as of yet I assume? Sorry for reviving an old thread - however just curios and cant find a definitive answer elsewhere.

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Just out of curiosity, what are occluders? The SDK does not mentions them.
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They are mentioned in the sdk:


This material will be used to hide environmental meshes that eventually penetrate with a mesh with this material assigned.

just Place simple mesh (a cube ) into where you don't want Rain snow and fog and give It the EnvironmentOccluder material in the 3d software (Blender/3ds)

it won't occlude snow accumulation (still waiting for some feedback on that topic)

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vpilotfs answered

This exactly happened to me at the official handcrafted airport Zurich Airport (LSZH)

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