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SFSimsDev asked Simbol commented

Submodel Examples

Submodels are mentioned in a few places throughout the SDK Documentation. I've been trying to implement them in order to optimise a few models. However after having spent a day going through it one of the developers tells me its not been implemented and the SDK documentation shouldn't include it yet.

Elements seem to be in the build logic as error messages are referencing UniqueID. Can someone clarify if/when this can be used and how to use it? A Sample would be great, especially for those of us that don't use 3DS Max.



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FlyingRaccoon answered Simbol commented

Hello Chris,

This is a mistake from us, the submodel section appeared in the doc a bit too soon. ^^
It's still being tested internally and will be available in a later update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hi Sylvain,

The documentation still display this section, but now it is not saying it is experimental.

Can we use this feature now? or it is still under development?


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Hi Raul.

If you checked the doc included with the SDK files, yes I think this one was not updated properly. Our tech writer apologizes about this.
The online doc is still showing it as WIP.

Basically we want our internal artist team to test this feature a lot before it's made available to the public.


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Simbol avatar image Simbol FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·
Hi Sylvain,

Ok no problem, thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to use this in the future.


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