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SWS-AlexVletsas asked FlyingRaccoon commented

Panel.xml - How to manage aural warnings

We are developing an aircraft with three G1000 screens (2xPFD, 1xMFD) and we can hear the audio of the warnings three times instead of one. Is there a way to make them heard only once?

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Hello Alex,

It should be handled automatically by these instruments.
- Can you confirm you applied different IDs to your 3 G1000?
- If so, can you try with only a 1xPFD + 1xMFD and tell us if these alarms are still duplicated?


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In my panel.xml there are no IDs assigned. In Panel.cfg the PFDs have Index=1, so it's shared by both PFDs. If I assign Index=2 to the other PFD, the sim CTDs.

Here are the cfg snips:


htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS1000/PFD/AS1000_PFD.html?Index=1, 0,0,1024,768


htmlgauge00=NavSystems/AS1000/MFD/AS1000_MFD.html, 0,0,1024,768
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The IDs I am talking about are defined in your cockpit model xml file.


I see you're using a single PFD instrument displayed on 2 textures. Your second PFD is just a copy of the first one.
You only declare a single PFD in your panel.xml, right?


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