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Barthandelus382 asked Barthandelus382 commented

Animated materials not exporting from 3ds Max


Since a tutorial on animated materials was uploaded on the SDK documentation with the release of SU8, I'm trying unsuccessfully to animate the base color of a standard material on a simple box (simple color changing as a test). I already know how to animate an object transformation so I think I'm not stuck with standard mistakes (animations keys, animation tag in the model's xml file, etc...)

When I export my animated model, the babylon exporter recognize the material animation called "Body_Test" (applied on a material called "Body_metal") but do not export it, please see the verbose of the exporter below.

And of course nothing happens when I export the model into MSFS, I have a simple box with its base color and no material animation.

Screenshot from the Babylon exporter in 3ds Max :


I would be very glad to receive help, I think this functionnality of animating materials is very interesting and I would like to master it.



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Simbol answered Barthandelus382 commented

If you are exporting this for a Glass.. it will be ignored.. as per SDK information, only standard materials are supported for material animation.

Which is a shame, I was looking forward to apply it to other types of materials.


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Yes, the SDK documentation was clear about this, and so I carefully only use Standard type material for this experiment. So I do not really know where the problem comes from.

Do you succeed in animating materials ?

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Simbol avatar image Simbol Barthandelus382 ·
You need to attach a NODE (a part) to it, the animated material requires a node for the babylon group like any other animation.
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Thank you for your reply,

I already attached a material node to the babylon animation as you can see in the provided screenshot below (material node: "Body_metal" ; animation: "BodyTest")


Do you mean that I should also attach a model node to this animation, the node of the 3d model of the box to which the material is applied ?

I already tried this and I obtained this result in the babylon exporter:


So if I add the model Box001 to the Animation groups panel in the Animation Nodes panel it seems that I am forced to add animation keys to this 3d model, this is where I do not understand because I only whish to animate material and not 3d model (no translation, rotation, etc...)

I do not know if my method is right or if I explain well, thank you for your time.



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