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LeftRelease Stopped Working

I am building an aircraft and use LeftRelease for many different functions, but after updating to SU8 as well as the current SDK (v 0.17), it no longer works. I am using it in a MouseRect and LeftSingle works just fine, it is just LeftRelease that stopped working. Here is an example of the syntax that I am using:

(M:Event) 'LeftRelease' scmi 0 == if{...}

Is anyone else running into this? Any ideas in what might have changed either with the updates or on my end? I have had this working for probably better than 6 months and now, nothing.

Thank you.

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Hello @FlyToday ,

Thanks for reporting,

I was able to reproduce this issue and we will investigate.



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@FlyToday ,

As we need to do some testing,
Can you send us your project please ?
See 3) Provide private content


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Hello @Boris, Thank you for the reply. I'm glad that you were able to reproduce this. I am building a very comprehensive Learjet 35A that I have been working in for years. Although I need to figure out how input events work as well as creating my own templates, at the moment my interior.xml is written out with a block of code for each animation using ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code and ASOBO_GT_MouseRect, meaning that until I figure out templates and IE's, my code is over 11,000 lines. I do believe that I can trust MS/Asobo (I'm assuming you're from one of those), but none the less, I am a little apprehensive about sending my project and I hope you understand. Would it be possible that I send a rudimentary model and parts of the xml containing examples of the code that I am using? I am also available for doing a screen share if that would help. I wanted to PM you this message but did not see that it was possible so I can probably delete this post after you read it as it would not be helpful to someone else looking for answers. I'm open to suggestions. Thank you again. FYI:The project is being built under the name of "MtnFly Simulations"

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Hi @FlyToday ,

Of course, feel free to send us a 'light' version project. Just make sure that you have the same issue with it before you send it to us.
We need to be able to build it without modifications and check in game the behavior that's all.

Also, if you want to make a private comment, you can use the privacy option "Viewable by all users" bellow the submit button and select "Viewable by moderators and the original poster" (More information on the section 3) Provide Private Content)


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EPellissier answered

Hi @FlyToday,

Our interaction specialist has had a look at your package and the issue is that you specify MOUSEFLAGS_DEFAULT_IM which only applies to the "Legacy" cockpit interaction system. By default the sim boots in the "Lock" mode so the interaction doesn't work as expected but if you switch it to "Legacy" it then does.


Now of course I guess you'd like the button to work in both modes so the easiest way to achieve that is to replace your <MOUSEFLAGS_DEFAULT_IM> XML tag with the simpler <MOUSEFLAGS> tag.

If you want different behaviors in "Legacy" and "Lock" modes, you should use the following tags:


Please let us know if you need more information about this.

Best regards,

Eric / Asobo

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FlyToday answered

@EPellissier Thank you, that fixed it! Thank you for also explaining the differences between those different calls as the documentation does not include this.

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