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OnlyTense asked OnlyTense commented

Scenery Editor only showing previously created polygon

Hello, I've been working on an airport project recently in the simulator but ran into a few issues. I restarted the sim to view the built package (outside of dev mode, as a normal user) and it showed up as expected. The problem is, after I restarted my sim again and went back into dev mode, only a polygon I've created previously shows up in the scenery editor although everything else is visible, just not in the scenery editor meaning I can't edit anything else. I've attached some screenshots showing my issue:

Screenshot 1 (Showing the apron with the hangars and parking spaces):

As you can see here, the apron, hangars, and parking spaces I've created in the scenery editor show just fine as well as other things I've modified (taxiways, runway texturing, and other things).

Screenshot 2 (Showing the scenery editor window):

This is the problem I'm facing, after loading the project, everything visibly shows fine but I can't edit anything because the scenery editor is only displaying a polygon I've created previously. Everything else that was previously there is no longer in the scenery editor but somehow displaying fine (but I can't edit them and I'm still working on them).screenshot1.pngscreenshot2.png

screenshot1.png (677.2 KiB)
screenshot2.png (233.6 KiB)
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Boris_ avatar image Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·
Hello @OnlyTense ,

Did you try to make a clean build of the scenery ?
Can you show us a screenshot 'full size' of your screen (Showing all the scenery editor windows) please ?

Can you provide us your project please ? See section 3) here


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OnlyTense avatar image OnlyTense Boris_ ♦♦ commented ·

Hello, yes I have tried a clean build but with the same result. Here is a screenshot of my full screen:screenshot-3707.png

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1 Answer

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Boris_ answered OnlyTense commented

Hello @OnlyTense ,

I tried to build your project but it's missing an xml file for the shape layer.

What I suspect is that when you first saved after creating a polygon, in the save shapefile window, you selected your scenery's XML name file. This caused the xml of your scenery to be replaced by the xml of the shapefile, but when you clicked again, the xml of the scenery replaced the shapefile.

I suggest you to give a specific name of your shape file like : "GMP_shape" or what you want but never the same name as yourscenery's xml.
That way, in your GPM_scene folder, you will have something like this :

|- GPM_shape.dbf
|- GPM_shape.shp
|- GPM_shape dbf
|- GPM_shape .xml
|-GPM_scenery.xml -> your main scenery file

See the docs,

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OnlyTense avatar image OnlyTense commented ·
Thank you for the help, it looks like that was it!
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