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SWS-AlexVletsas asked Simbol commented

[SDK] DA62 sample hasn't been updated

Is it possible to update the DA62 sample? It hasn't been updated since August.

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We can consider it. Did you notice a difference with the official Da62 package?

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Simbol answered Simbol commented

We use this sample to guide us how to do things, so it would be ideal to add some of the latest changes in the SDK on the sample to help us to understand the implementation, such as:

  • Materials animation.
  • RTC Cameras implementation
  • New Prop Physics.
  • New AP pilots variables.
  • Etc.


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The Da62 is a straight copy from the retail version. It's not modified by the SDK team to specifically demonstrate new features.

I agree this would be good to consider it as a demonstration aircraft that benefits from the new features whenever possible.

In the meantime, we are creating some dedicated samples:
- there will be a RTCAircraft to demonstrate new RTC mechanics
- We are also working on revamping the Materials sample so that it demonstrates way more things, material animations included


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Simbol avatar image Simbol FlyingRaccoon ♦♦ ·
Oh I see, understood.

In this case can I please provide some feedback? you guys are changing lots of things in the SDK regarding aircraft development, this goes with SU8 new Props Physics, I watched the Q&A today and SU9 / SU10 will bring new stuff such as new sym forces, etc. which we can enable for airplanes.

It was explained on the video these things (the prop physics) and the new air flow forces have been added to the Cessna.

As a 3rd party developer, it is quiet hard to catch up with these changes, specially if we do not have good examples, so perhaps it would be more useful to have the Cessna as the SDK sample? so every time you guys add these things, we get to see the sample of how it is done? sometimes the SDK descriptions are not very good self explanatory for these new properties since quiet understandable they are coming new and fresh to the sim..

So having a project to play with, where we have the entire source code, etc. might help us better to reverse engineer what is required, what each parameter do, etc.

Just my thoughts..

All the best,

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The C172 was used for the features you mentioned but it changes from time to time, it will be the A320 or F18 for some others. We develop a new feature when we need for a particular aircraft most of the time.
But we agree we should have a SDK flagship demonstrating as much features as possible. This is being discussed. In the meantime, we'll do our best improving the existing samples and documentation based on your feedback.
@SonantAlpaca FYI

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