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[Bug] Nodes in gltf that use skin animations do not show highlighted nodes in sim checklist

If you create an aircraft and it has a control column joystick with a rubber/leather boot/sock like the DR400 or DA40. If this node(s) uses bone rigged animation entirely for its animation then the highlite will not show when the node is shown with say the:

Checkpoint ReferenceId="Flight_Control_Free_And_Correct"

Here I have two joysticks, the only differentce is the left is single bone animation on the boot, and regular animation on the control column solid parts. The right one is entirely a bone animation on the three pieces of the node.


I have also proved this on a single testplane object.

no highlite


has highlite


The joy stick breakup seen is a whole other issue with the ASOBO and legacy exporters. (ignore that for now. Reported on ASBO Blender exporter issues)

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