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New startup screen fspackagetool problem

The new startup screen added in SU9 causes a bit of a problem to the fspackagetool, when it's launched as part of a batch/makefile build.

With previous versions, before the new startup screen was added, running fspackagetool in a batch or makefile, worked nicely, because the batch process didn't continue until the build ended.

Now, it seems the actual build is made by another process started after the startup screen, and the original process started by the batch/makefile ended as soon the splash screen disappeared.

This mess up a batch build, because the batch assumes the build has already ended ( because the splash screens closed ), when in fact is just starting, so it will proceed doing the rest of what's supposed to do, even when it shouldn't, because it was supposed to wait until the package is ready.

Would be possible to remove altogether the splash screen when starting the sim from the fspackagetool ?

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I confirm this, I have the same problem, and it's quite annoying, in game compilation is way slower.

Thanks for fixing this!


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