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donstim asked donstim commented

Fuel system functionality

I understand that you are in the process of updating the fuel system. It would be very helpful to have clearly documented what components are required, and if that is conditional, when they are required to have fuel flow through the system. Also, what effect may each component have on the characteristics of the fuel flowing through the system (e.g., effects on pressure fuel level, fuel flow)? Lastly, how does one implement gravity-based fuel flow through the system?

To illustrate, I'll use a simple example based on your A320neo airplane. If I create the simplest system of just a single line from each fuel tank directly to each engine, although there is fuel in the lines, there is no pressure and no fuel flow. This is true even if gravity-based fuel flow is included, which, according to the SDK, should cause fuel to flow to the destination even without pressure. Adding a pump between the fuel tank and the engine results in fuel pressure and fuel flow, but this pump must be active even if gravity-based fuel flow is included.

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FlyingRaccoon answered donstim commented

Hello @donstim

In its current state, the new Fuel System requires a pump for the engine. The GravityBasedFuelFlow property of Line is only used to transfer fuel between tanks at the moment.

Are you working on a plane that has no fuel pump for the engine?


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Sorry, when I wrote this I thought so. There was only a mention of a suction pump with gravity feed in the FCOM for the airplane. Since then I've learned there actually is a pump driven by the engine gearbox. So I think things can be correctly configured as is.
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