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SWS-AlexVletsas asked Simbol commented

[FX] StaticMesh not working?

I am trying to drop a 3D object from an aircraft, using a StaticMesh node in the effect editor. I have connected the StaticMesh node to the VisualEffect, specified a mesh per the documentation but it doesn't spawn anything.

To be sure I don't miss it, I set Lincoln Memorial to be my mesh, emitted from the tail of the aircraft. I still don't see anything.

Can one of the devs explain what I am doing wrong or if it is broken?

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1 Answer

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MagnanimousHippo answered Simbol commented

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas

At the moment the functionalities of the StaticMesh node are limited. It only works with materials with type CODE_AFTERBURNER. Also it is meant to remain at a fixed position and consequently it has no velocity property.

You may have worked around that last limitation using a GetInstanceAttribute node with the Age attribute and plug some computation into the position. Unfortunately, as I tried that just now, it causes a crash because the GetInstanceAttribute node expects to be plugged into a particle emitter block, not a StaticMesh. I will work on a fix for this.

Could you explain a bit more what you are trying to do exactly so we can work out a solution for you using existing tools ? We are aware the StaticMesh needs some work to extend its range of possibilities but we can't concentrate on it right away :)


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What I want to make is droppable objects, such as a flour bomb that falls from the aircraft onto a target. I don't want to use a sprite for that, so I thought I could use a StaticMesh node to spawn the 3D model, then let it free fall.

Unfortunately I can't even make the mesh appear, let alone drop it.

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I have a similar situation. I suspect we'll have to use a wasm module to spawn an object?
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Yep that would do it..
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