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Elevator effectiveness and elevator lift coefficient

Has the elevator lift coefficient parameter been implemented? I am not noticing a difference in the pitch response of the default A320 for values of this parameter ranging from 0.1 to 20. (Edit: I can see from the on ground response that the elevator lift coefficient has an effect. I just can't see the effect in flight when trying to find the optimum way to tune pitch response to an elevator control input.)

Along that vein, how is the elevator effectiveness parameter supposed to work? Reducing the value of the aileron effectiveness parameter results in a very noticeable reduction in the airplane's roll response; increasing the value increases the roll response. However, the same does not see to hold true for the elevator effectiveness parameter and the airplane's pitch response. In fact, it seems to be inverted. Values between 0.1 and 1 seem to have no effect. With a value of 10, you pretty much lose pitch response to elevator input.

Testing this on the default C152 seemed to show somewhat different results. Changes to the elevator effectiveness appeared to change the effectiveness of the horizontal tail rather than the elevator. Decreasing the effectiveness to 0.1, for example, would send the airplane into a dive with neutral trim, potentially indicating a large lift increase for the horizontal tail. Normal pitch control still seemed available from the elevator.

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