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N6722C asked N6722C edited

No GA (saved) Hobbs Time, based on Oil Pressure switch ??

Is there a true GA Hobs time . ie Hours that the Low Oil pressure is above a minimum value, indicating the engine is running,

There appears to be two Times being kept and State saved.

(1) Tach Time - Hours, function of accumulated RPM
(2) Flight Time (counting when RMP .> RPM Min, and Speed > speed min)

There is no true Hobbs Time, ie Oil pressure > Oil pressure Min.

With the lack of True GA Hobbs time, (as defined above), this may explain what the C172 Classic, has BOTH its Tach Hours, and its Hobbs Hours, displaying the Tach Time ??

I would suggest that all 3 times should be being kept track of, and state saved for each plane in their State saved file. ( including Tach Time for each engine)

Note: Flight Time cannot be used to be correct Hobbs time, since the speed , even when set to Zero, still will not allow the Time to be counted, Unless speed is GREATER than Zero.
Setting a negative Min speed does not work ..( Non signed Integer arithmetic ?)

Even if it could count at Zero speed, using RPM instead of Oil pressure is only a rough approximation, of the required use of a minimum Oil Pressure.

In any case, the Flight Time, needs to be what is is -- ie FLIGHT TIME, and saved, so what appear to be missing is the 3rd Saved Hours, TRUE GA Hobbs Time, a function of just OIL Pressure.

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FlyingRaccoon answered N6722C edited

Hello @N6722C

No, there no Hobbs time evaluated based on oil pressure rather than RPM and speed.
I have added a task in our backlog so that we expose some additional parameters to do that or make the simvar writable to allow people implement their own logic.

Thank you for pointing out this issue.


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N6722C avatar image N6722C commented ·

Thanks Sylvain,

Making both the SImvars that end up being saved in the state.cfg file, writable, might be the best solution, as it would be backward compatible with the existing aircarft, and allow for either of those saved Hours that end up in state.cfg, to be controller by the plane developer, if needed .

Then there is the addition issue to be corrected, where the C172 Classic, display just one of those Hours in BOTH the Hobbs, and the RPM Hobs Hour Counters, and that is set in the Model, so cannot be corrected by anyone but Asobo.

(Along with the Two Breakers that have invalid animation tags, I mentioned some time ago, and you said you would get the developer/modeler to correct - any idea when that may happen --

ie Hopefully next SU update when Asobo Premium Planes may get an Update/refresh - some of the DRM encoding removed from their .cfg files ? )



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