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CARRIER FUNCTIONALITIES - Tailhook location and how the hook position is calculated

Can we have a list of the variables / entries actually needed and (that actually do something in MSFS) to make a working tailhook?
Also, how is the tailhook position / extension calculated and from which entries/variables it is affected?

We have a tailhook (csutom coded - as we could not figure out some part of the sim implementation) on some of our products but it does not interact with the carrier working wires the way the SuperHornet ones does...

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Thanks for the HU - it worked. CVN-78 and F-35 now functional... the only problem I am having (on the carrier side) is that after an arrested landing the cable does not disengage from the hook... so, even if the F-35 has provisions for a cat launch, you cannot take-off anymore...
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Here is how we did it:

        <SimMission.Calculator id="DetachCableCalculator" InstanceId="{}">
                <FormulaParameter NameInFormula="LandedWithCable">
                    <CalculatorFormula>(A:CABLE CAUGHT BY TAILHOOK, number) 0 &gt; (A:SURFACE RELATIVE GROUND SPEED, feet/second) 1 &lt; and (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) and</CalculatorFormula>
                        <WorldBase.ObjectReference id="Wait 5s" InstanceId="{}" />
                    <OnActionCompleteFormula>0 (&gt;A:TAILHOOK POSITION, percent over 100)</OnActionCompleteFormula>
        <SimMission.WaitAction id="Wait 5s" InstanceId="{}">

If you force the tailhook to the retracted position, it will detach the cable. Right now it is automatically triggered after landing, but you may want to change it to trigger on user input.

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Yes please. Upvoted.

Just got home from watching "Top Gun Maverick" again and I guarantee everybody in the cinema wants to land on a carrier now.

OK, almost everybody, but still...!

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