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Overriding states of aircraft with an external flight dynamics model


I am trying to use my flight model for a helicopter. I am currently overriding position, velocity, angles, acceleration etc. I am doing this in the visual's thread(PANEL_SERVICE_PRE_DRAW).

I am overriding position and angles from my output and all velocities and accelerations are set to zero. However, the variables that I set gets changed sometimes. This causes stutter in the visual. What I thought was overriding using visual thread will give no chance to MSFS to use its internal flight model to change the variables. But it is not the case.

I am attaching a video below from SimVarWatcher. In that video, I set all angles and velocities to 0 constantly, to demonstrate the issue. As you can see, sometimes variables are set to 0; but mostly they are some other number. How can I override these variables without any interruption from MSFS?

Thanks in advance!

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