0,0 added at the of thes lines: engine_mechanical_efficiency_table & engine_friction_table

Adding 0,0 at the end of these lines PREVENT the motor form launching AFTER
TOTAL relaunch of the game. Going back to the menu and reloading the aircraft
with these 0,0 doesn t prevent the motor from launching but closing the game
does. https://youtu.be/eIdmJzk2isk

Hello @oliv72 This issue was already reported here:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/4952 The latest AAU1 flighting
build should no longer cause the problem. Can you confirm it? Regards, Sylvain

Sorry, i hadn t checked this report. How do i get the AAU1 flight build ?
Thank you.

Hello @oliv72 , You can find all the information here :
beta/562534> Regards, Boris

Thank you, i may test the beta, i already copied the 2 directories Onestore &
Community on another drive, so i will let the Beta being installed on C: ? Do
u think flying backwards like an helico in normal aircraft mode is possible ?
is it worth trying to do it ? or i should now use the Helicopter mode ?

I can NOT launch Xbox anymore…the window disappears after a few seconds. But
the game is running without any problems !

These issues have been solved (I re-installed everything and downloaded SDK
again), thank you. My new model:
https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhgqyJYPWSLtgfQdXZo_t6G1prYDQw?e=w5i6sX I think
flightmodel is better than before. The video: https://youtu.be/mNBW80UtDXI I
don t know how i did these weird textures, just changing one line about lights
in system.cfg.

The gaugeairaft_interior isn t the good file. The gaugeairaft_interior1.xml is
the good one. I upload it again, sorry.