- Project will not build with empty extra section

If you add in an extra section to your project and not add a file the build
will not work, and gives an error that makes no sense. Steps to reproduce: 1.
add in an extra to Simboject asset - don’t add a

then build project and get
misleading error which does not make sense.
You have this in the project.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ Thank you for your feedback, indeed the error message is not
correct it should say that the path is empty. However I’m not sure I
understand why you would need to add an empty extra file, is there any reason
for this ? Regards, Melvin from Asobo

It was by accident and took 3 days to find this issue. It was found by redoing
the project from start. The comparing the xml project files. This was the only
difference, and can be reproduced.

Asobo emailed Flysimware and asked us to help on some questions here on the
devsupport. So here is my thoughts on this question. If you build using the
internal method and do not include extras it should have a checkmark to
include or not include as most will never use this feature. The point of this
topic is in the SDK (see below) so you can add extra files in the main
aircraft folder. Hope this was helpful. Package Tool XML Definitions

I don’t understand, the point of this topic is to point out that the error
given in the sim has no relation what so ever to the actual
error/problem/issue. The system should not stop the build process - it needs
to be corrected.