3D Model for incorporating Working Title GNS 430/530 in VC

Salut Asobo, Is there a 3ds Max model available for integrating the Working
Title GNS 430/530 in an aircraft VC or are developers expected to create this
from scratch? I ask as we would like to add the Working Title GNS 430/530 to
at least one of our aircraft, and since a 3D model is obviously already
integrated in existing default aircraft, such files must exist somewhere. None
of the current documentation provides any info on how to actually integrate a
3D model for the Working Title GNS 430/530 in a VC. Best regards, Jerome

Hello @PILOTS_Development You will have to create your own model. The behavior
templates will determine how you have to name and animate your nodes. Using
the Behavior Debug tool on an existing aircraft will make it more explicit.
Behaviors Debug

Regards, Sylvain