747 autopilot airspeed jumps

On 747 using xbox series X, when I click on airspeed, sometimes the value jumps to a very high or very low value. For example on final at 180 knots, I’ll click on the airspeed knob to select 160 knots, but it jumps to like 290 knots. By the time I adj from 290 down to 160, I’ve picked up too much speed and have to go around.

I see similar behavior with altitude knob, heading knob and various brightness knobs. Any way to make knobs adj from current value instead of jump to some extreme value?

Hello @HandsomeMax445

As your request is not related to the SDK or the DevMode, you should report this on the MSFS General Forums instead of here. This is the DevSupport forum for 3rd party developers, for asking for assistance with the SDK and DevMode.

Carlos Daniel Gonzalez Gomez
NextGen Simulations