A Centralized 'Master Animation' sheet that has ALL animations in XML

For Blender Users, a Master Animation document, in XML for faster navigation,
(basically a text file, but in XML so you can navigate fast) and would show; *
Part Name * Animation Name * Animation Key Frame amount (like 0-3, 0-100,
1-360, etc) * The accompanying ‘Use Template’ code block section for above
that you copy/paste into your plane’s model XML This would save people TONS of
time from rummaging and roaming through all the many locations in the various
Behaviors files. We could swiftly set up our animations in an hour with such a
document. Presently it takes quite a while to locate and track down part
names, the copy/paste sections for template useages for the model XML’s, and
the list of issues goes on. WE NEED THIS BAD… Bill LHC

One reason to have ‘all’ animations in this, is that there are ‘different
parts’ with similar animations. Example, some ailerons have percents, some
flaps animate differently, so you could have 3 or 5 different animations for a
part, so the list would need to include all versions of each animation, not
just the one. You could (would need to have these) in sections in such a
master document, such as control surfaces, gauge needles for engines, landing
gear, propellers, doors, etc…

Right now, it can take days, literally days, trying to find the name for a
part, its ‘Use Template’ code block, the animation ‘name’ which is important
as MSFS Asobo see’s the code as an identifier and handles it accordingly.
Without the right name for the animation (different then the part name) then
it will not work, and some parts have a 01, or 1 at the end, etc. We need this
valuable data in order to animate our planes, quick and fast. Example; in
FSX/P3D, your animations are all listed in one area, a XML part document which
the compiler uses to make the model with. And in Max, it had a parts access
window to that list so you could look up your animation and set it in Max.
With Blender, we have to look through tons of Behaviors (many, such as sub-
behaviors), and when looking at the master behaviors, it is hard to see,
figure out, what in the world we need. Its vaque. We just need the simple
‘part name’, ‘animation name’, the text date (code block) that we copy/paste
into the model XML document of our plane, and the key frame amounts that the
part is designed to use, and done! We animate the next part. In FSX/P3D, we
could have parts named and working in minutes to an hour for an entire plane.
Presently in Blender for MSFS, it takes days to weeks. Literally…
Bill LHC

Agreed… this would be a great help

Maybe something to add to the sdk documentation?

But such documentation would mean that the APIs would need some stability
guarantee. I am not sure that is a good idea at this stage. It might become a
burden for future development. It is almost better that using Asobo’s
templates is “on your own risk”.