A couple flight readiness questions - Flight ready and crash

I saw in [another
ready-to-fly-screen.html) that there is a way to detect flight readiness by
using the CAMERA STATE value. As was pointed out there, a value of “2” is
returned, even if on the screen with the “Ready to Fly” button. I’d really
like to be able to know when it’s past that screen and the user is in control
of the aircraft. Other variables such as IS USER SIM and USER INPUT ENABLED
are unreliable for this purpose, so I’m wondering what everyone does in order
to determine this. Additionally, I’m not getting any responsive values for
CRASH FLAG or CRASH SEQUENCE, as the sim halts before those receive a value.
Is there an undocumented event that fires before that? For what it’s worth,
I’m polling on every sim frame.