A MS/ASOBO Encryption Installer 'Service' for people selling outside of the MS Store

We need a way to encrypt installations for our planes when selling outside of
the MS Store. What if… MS or Asobo had a ‘Encryption Service’ where we
purchased a Installer for each plane we submit. The encryption would help to
deter piracy of that plane when selling outside of the MS Store. This would
enable Asobo and MS to make money on planes ‘outside’ of the MS Store Example
scenario; * Seller submits a plane for the encryption * MS/Asobo compile it *
Seller downloads the ZIP and sends it to their stores/vendors they sell

How does encryption prevent the downloaded encrypted plane being distributed
by customers ? My understanding is : The MS-Store works by encrypting product,
that can then only be run (& decrypted) when in the Officail folder, where it
is checked to be owned by signed in user, through the MS_Store sold product
database. So, as well as the encryption service, MS would also have to include
an ongoing, Verification service ?

It would prevent the theft and moderation of elements of the package… but as
you write, the entire package could still be pirated.

you would still need a link between MS Account and the outside store. If you
only encrypt the file and it is not linked to a accound, every user could just
run it.

You’re asking for something you could just build yourself. A better thing to
ask for would be to take advantage of how the store works for outside sales
also. i.e. Give customer entitlement and then they can install and update
through content manager the same as if they purchased on the store.

I agree with you, it is an excellent idea in principle, but in practice this
would have to be solved first: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/3594