A:STRUCTURAL ICE PCT giving incorrect readings in SU10

Hello, It seems the STRUCTURAL ICE PCT is not giving correct reading in SU10:
once ice is detected it almost immediately give back 100% icing and never
drops below 100% even if icing conditions are removed : See below example
structural ice percentage returns 100% , even though OAT is -35 and not
flying in moisture, while Devmode icing is showing zero:

On same flight ,even on the
ground , with OAT =50c , structural icing still returning 100%:

Conclusion: Once structural
icing is detected, STRUCTURAL ICE PCT is stuck on 100% during all of the
flight. DEV mode is percentage however seems to give expected correct

Hello @MarwanGharib We have not been able to reproduce this issue and this
simvar was matching the devmode debug value during our tests on SU10. Do you
also have the problem with an Asobo aircraft and clear skies conditions
selected? Regards, Sylvain

Visual icing is separate from the structural icing Avar. the value you see in
the dev menu is the visual icing. The structural icing is the performance hit.
something i discovered 2 years ago and is elaborated in my mod’s
documentation. <https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/da62x-improvement-