[AAU2] Camera UI default ASOBO localization - Not working?

Am I doing something wrong, or is localization for cameras broken? example
camera.cfg has [CAMERADEFINITION.0] Title =“Pilot” Guid
=“{195EAB58-9E4A-1E2A-A34C-A8D9D948F078}” Description =“” Origin =“Virtual
Cockpit” … missing data … Category =“Cockpit” SubCategory =“Pilot”
SubCategoryItem =“DefaultPilot” … missing data …
UITitle=“TT:GAME.PANEL_CAMERA_PILOT_VFR” the en-us localization is
“GAME.PANEL_CAMERA_PILOT_VFR”: “VFR”, why do I get - PILOT and not VFR - this
type of thing is happeneing with ALL default UI

On a related note, I’ve noticed that localization in a package is not
necessarily working properly. At least, it seems to ignore the

      "ATCCOM.ATC_NAME SPARTAN.0.text": "Spartan",
      "ATCCOM.ATC_NAME SPARTAN.0.tts": "Spartan",
      "ATCCOM.AC_MODEL EXECUTIVE.0.text": "Executive",
      "ATCCOM.AC_MODEL EXECUTIVE.0.tts": "Executive"

lines if I put them in a localization file (e.g. en-US.locPak) for an aircraft
in the root directory of the (base) package for an aircraft and make sure that
localization file is in the layout.json file and I make sure I’m using that
language in the sim. I don’t know how to debug what’s going on. It may be a
totally unrelated problem in that maybe it’s just ignoring those lines anyway
and only getting this data from the fs_base localization file for this
particular feature. But, maybe it’s related? The airplane I tested with didn’t
come with localization files, and I created only the single localization file
for my language in the package.

if you do your own localization files you have to add your project name to the
beginning. This still has not been documented.

Thanks! (plus some more characters)