[AAU2] Fuel Truck Hose SimVar not writable?

Dear Asobo, I thought the fueltruck hose deployed SimVar was writable? as you
guys can see below, I get and error when I try to set it, also the

says it is writable. What I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Raul

Having a similar issue with APU SWITCH

Hello @Simbol I am pretty sure the problem comes from the SimVarWatcher tool.
SimVarWatcher always use the user id to write simvars. This has been reported
and it’s in my todo list of things to fix for the next SDK version. In the
meantime, you can fix it on your side by passing m_iObjectIdRequest
instead of SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER in SimvarsViewModel.cs
TrySetValue function

will need to select the Ground SimObject with correct ID before clicking the
“Try set value” button: Regards,

ahhh I see, ok thanks for posting the fix so I can get it working in the
meantime. Best, Raul