Ability to control camera settings while in developer mode

I don’t know anything about the aircraft development side because I’ve never attempted an aircraft before. But at least when using the scenery editor, the camera options look like this:

And this is true for both the developer camera and the top-down camera.

If you’re editing a small airpark, maybe it’s less of a problem. But when editing a giant, sprawling airport like Paris or Denver or Narita, etc, it takes an uncomfortably long time to get from one side of the airport to another because the default setting is way too slow.

But even if you’re editing a small airpark, there is still a pain point around this, because sometimes you have to edit a very small detail, and you need to position the camera just right. Unfortunately, in these cases, the default setting is way too fast.

As an end user, it’s pretty easy for me to ask, “Please give us all of the camera settings” when in developer mode. But, at a minimum, at least for my use cases, please give us the ability to adjust the drone speed. This would be a big quality of life improvement win.

You can change the speed of the developer camera here:




Oh, thank you!

I have only one of those settings, but you are right.

I will ask the moderators to delete this thread.